“Do you know what is the most boring thing in the World”?

Silence. (According to Justin Timberlake).

It Doesn’t matter “How boring your brand is” but you always have something to share with the outer world, which can boost your sales and conversions.

So, don’t be afraid to create a Social profile for your boring business (which is actually your imagination).

And start promoting your brand by using followings tips:-

Educate your Audience:- It’s so important to educate your audience about your company. Use Live videos or YouTube videos and high-quality blogs to teach your audience about your services or products.

Next thing you should do is know their problems and give them solutions with your helpful content and services, which proves them that you feel their pain.

And how to know their pain points?

Quora answer

The first and my favorite way is, go to https://www.quora.com/ and find out most asked questions in your niche.Pick one question/problem your target audience face and give a solution with your content or even with your service if possible.

blog post of onestopmsp

Which is what we did in our last post. We choose this question https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-check-if-a-clients-website-already-has-a-Google-Search-Console-account and then create this blog post https://onestopmsp.com/blog-post/how-do-you-check-if-a-clients-website-already-has-a-google-search-console-account/.

Which did well for us.

Next way is check reviews on products and services especially negative reviews because people only give negative review on product if they really feel lack of something in the product or service.

For example, check negative reviews on your competitor’s Google My Business or Yelp account. The another way is, check comments on their blog post and Social Media post and figure out what people are complaining for?

Then try to answer or solve that issues with your content or product.

Hire a Celebrity or a Local Influencer:- According to a survey, Influencer marketing is fastest method to grow your audience. Most of companies already use this method and some said that they are going to use this.

Means it works. I know you are thinking that we can’t afford a celebrity or big influencer.

Don’t worry, you can hire Local Influencer or Micro Influencer. They have much small audience or less followers as compared to celebrity.

But they are good in a specific niche and perfect fit for your small business.

Now how to find them? You can use Social Media.

Go to Instagram and find people with 1000 to 10000 followers. See their profiles and check if they are interested to post something about your industry.

The next way is, go to Google and search with #yourtargetkeyword. Then check out who follow that hashtag will definitely agree to share some content related to your niche.

For more ideas that how to find them you can click on this.( https://social-hire.com/blog/small-business/5-ways-to-find-micro-influencers-for-your-small-business)

Share your Story:-  Big brands like Disney, Coca-Cola and Apple believes that brand story can a build strong connection with their audience. Susan Gunelius has given perfect definition of brand story in his Forbes article:

“Brand stories are not marketing materials. They are not ads, and they are not sales pitches. Brand stories should be told with the brand persona and the writer’s personality at center stage. Boring stories won’t attract and retain readers, but stories brimming with personality can”.

In other words, your brand story should be interesting and should have the ability to attract peoples and here are the tips to make your brand story interesting:-

  1. Mention the people who help you in the journey of success and growth because people can trust other people. It gives your customer something real to trust.
  2. Make your story super simple. We can’t add any complex model in the story like movies. So keep it simple with three step process: Problem, Solution and Success.
  3. Describe the reason of your existence. Give another one, instead of just “making money”. For example TOMS https://www.toms.com/impact use “One for One” tagline for their business existence which means when someone purchase a pair of shoes from TOMS they gives a pair to someone who need.
  4. The main goal of your story to make a connection with customers so why you don’t add customer in your story? Share your customer’s experience in the story to make other realize that we are one of them and we understand you.

Be a Helpful Resource:-  Self-promotion is not bad but don’t keep focus on self-promotion all the time. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and Imagine when they open your Business page and see all the post about your services or products (In other words self-promotion). How they feel?

Of Course, that would be worse than your imagination.

Sometimes your competitor post something helpful and relevant to your customer, share that content with your audience.

Yes, I said it right. Share your competitor’s content if it solves someone’s problem because by doing this you will become a helpful resource for your customer and people who haven’t use your product will start promoting you.

The next thing you should do is start analyzing their interests. Then start sharing something your audience talking about and something they really care about even it’s not related to your services.

Highly engaging social polls:- This is the easiest way to getting feedback from your audience on questions and it allows peoples to share their opinions. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter added this feature. Instagram make it more Interactive by adding the polling question in the story feature.

instagram poll feature

Some experts use this technique for post engagement and data collection and I think this is the fastest way to collect data about something.

Run a poll on any Social platform is simple but how to make them highly engagement. Here are the tips you can try:-

  • Use Facebook Audience Insight to know more about audience. The more you know about audience the better you can do for them. All you have to do is Go to Facebook Audience Insights and select location, age & gender, interests and it will give you some info about your target audience. Run only Interesting and relevant polls to your target audience even, they are not related to your niche.
facebook audience insight
  • Check Insights to know the peak time for your poll. Run a poll when most of your target audience is online. You will definitely see the more engagement if you post at peak Social Media traffic times.
    instagram insights
  • Post once or twice a week is good number for high engagement, don’t irritate your audience by overdoing it.

Post Something Funny:-  We all know there is a team or a person behind every business and when you post something funny on your business page it gives a life to your page.

Just keep this in your mind that the humor should be relate to your products or industries. Don’t forget about your brand. Mix elements of fun with your products makes them memorable.

For example Charmin https://www.facebook.com/charmin/ did this all the time. They have been using funny posts almost from the beginning and became rememberable.

Fb post by charmin

We also created a Infographic with these tips check it out :-

infographic on social media tips

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