How to convert Black hat to White hat SEO

Imagine how you feel when you get to know that the techniques you are using to improve your SEO are Black hat?

Bad, right? You won’t follow that practices in future.

But the reality is that most of people still use them even after knowing that they can hurt their website or blog.

I often seen peoples who still follow these practices and in this post, I will cover those Black hat SEO practices.

Also going to tell you that “how they effect your website ranking and traffic”?

So, Let’s dive in.

Zombie pages with thin content:-  Everyone know that website with blog rank higher and faster than the website without blog.

And the main reasons behind it:-

  1. Website Freshness
  2. Stick user with the website and decrease the bounce rate
  3. Gives you the opportunity to rank for long tail keywords
  4. Help in Internal linking
  5. Build a connection between you and your audience

So most of us, use this technique to rank higher in SERPs but it only works with perfect strategy.

The pages with content which provide no value to the user. Brian Dean (founder of backlinko) called them Zombie pages.

Here are, some types of Zombie pages:-

  • Achieve pages
  • Tag pages
  • Pages with thin content(<50 words)
  • Category pages(WordPress)

May be you are thinking your website doesn’t have any page which lies in this types but you should check this.

Most of the time I noticed that Google also index those pages which you don’t want to index. To check this search with in Google.

no. of pages indexed by google

Now check all the pages and see which page is useless or provide no value to the user. If you found that than improve the content of the page and if you can’t improve the content than it’s better to delete them.

Believe me you will see increase in traffic and ranking when you delete zombie pages.

Blog Commenting:- Have you ever seen some useless comments submit on your blog post which are non-relevant and has no meaning?

Spam comments on blog

Yes, like this. Did you see any value in the comment. The next thing I noticed that people still used their target keywords in the anchor text of blog comments. Which is also a Black hat SEO technique.

They are just for making links even after knowing that it’s against the Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Matt cutts explained this in the answer of a question.

He also confirm that if your comment is relevant and help readers or blogger, then it will not considered as spam. Here is an example of relevant and helpful comment.

example of useful comment

Image source:

Along with that if you stop using this practice and only post useful comment then it could be a traffic source for your website and blog. So, it’s time to convert this black hat SEO technique to White hat.

Article Spinning:- If you relates to SEO niche then you probably know the phrase “Duplicate Content”. According to Moz, what exactly “Duplicate Content” does mean.

Duplicate content is content that appears on the Internet in more than one place. That “one place” is defined as a location with a unique website address (URL) – so, if the same content appears at more than one web address, you’ve got duplicate content.”

But If you search with “Article Spinner Tool” you can see multiple tool are available on the internet which can spin the content that you copy from someone’s website and then give you a unique content.

This is so cool, right? You are like.

And almost every SEO guy know that this won’t improve their ranking but still many of them apply this tactic.

Instead of this create unique and up to date content. Our guide to Google Analytics is a good example of this.

Here I want to tell that it doesn’t matter how much smart a machine than a human but can’t beat a man in creating original and useful content.

The main reason behind machine don’t have experience and emotions.

Once Search Engine Journal publish a article that Why humans writers are irreplaceable.

Article from Srearch Engine Journal

And they proved that the companies which were used AI system to create new content are no longer available in the market or have changed their method.

So, if you are serious about your website ranking avoid this technique in the future.

Keyword Stuffing:- Keyword Researcher is a powerful tool in the world of SEO and if you know that which words people used for search in your niche it means you have won half of the war.

And black hat SEOs also know this.

So they also use this technique but in a different way. They find a perfect keyword for their niche and then start stuffing into their content.

An example of keyword stuffing content:-

example of keyword stuffing

But Google familiar with this strategy and don’t rank this type of content.

Now, let come to right way to do this. Go to Keyword research tool and type your target keyword.

For example your target keyword is “Google Search Console”.

keyword research tool

You can see it gives some suggestions for your keyword pick two or three keywords phrases which are related to your content.

Add it wisely into your article or blog post.

You can also use LSI keywords related to your selected keyword. Open LSI graph tool and type your target keyword in the box.

LSI graph tool

And select few LSI keywords which are perfectly fit for your piece of content. If you use this strategy in a right way Google will like to rank your content higher in SERPs.

Backlinks using PBNs:- You probably know the no.1 ranking factor for Google is backlinks. The more backlinks a website/page has, the better that website can rank in Google. So everyone keep focusing on this off page techniques.

And you also know that if you use wrong ways to build links it will consider as link scheme according to Google.

I said everyone means Black hat SEOs also focus on backlinks and build backlinks but they do it slightly different way.

For White hat SEO we rely on guest blogging and quality content to generate new backlinks whereas black hat SEOs use PBNs(private blog networks) for backlinks.

They create some blogs which are used for SEO link juice. After some time they link all those private blogs to their website. This method is very popular because in most of cases Google can’t catch this.

I have a real life example. Some days ago I was checking backlinks of my competitor when I found an example of this technique.

PBNs Links

As you can see they have same title on two different domains.

PBN link 1


PBN link 2

In the beginning that I thought may be it’s a coincidence but when I open these two different domain then I saw this.

This is first domain.

Duplicate content 1

And this is second domain. The another thing which makes my believe more strong was that all of these 4 domains are linked to same website.

duplicate content 2

May be it’s my misconception but it seems weird for me that’s why I share this with you.

Ok let’s forget it. It’s just a example that how they use this technique to build backlinks.

So, Instead of this you should focus on Quality of content and other white hat SEOs techniques to build authoritative backlinks.

Last word:- The difference between the White hat and Black hat SEO techniques is not too much. In both cases the strategies remains same.

There are two ways to apply these techniques, now it depends on you which way you choose.

Now, I know that these Black hat SEO practices still works but they are temporary. One day Google will catch you and penalize your website so badly.

So avoid these practices is a good decision.

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