Maybe you heard about the live chat system on websites that allows you to engage with website visitors in no time.

You may also be familiar with instant messenger apps (like Facebook and Whatsapp) and their sharing features which allows you to share Images, Videos and other files.

What you may not be aware of is how live chat can help you to grow your business and why it’s necessary for almost all businesses.

In this article we will show you the benefits of live chat support system for your business and why it’s far better than other support systems like phone, emails and social media.

So Let’s begin!

Reduce Support Expenses:- All the business owners know that Customer Support can be expensive and it’s true.

Live Chat reduces support expenses

What I have noticed is that a Customer support agent can handle calls and emails. But, two calls at the same time seems impossible.

But Live chat support makes their work easier. A live chat agent can engage and assist multiple customers at once. Research from Telus International proved that a fully trained live chat agent can handle up to 6 customers at the same time.

So it means live chat enables your agents to handle several visitors at once and hence you needed a small support team for customer service.

Which makes live chat much cheaper than phone support.

Faster Solutions:- Guides and training articles are excellent ways to provide support and help your customers to complete various tasks. 

Your website may have multiple articles online and your customers may need to do some digging to find them. 

But with live chat agents can send them the link of the right article they are looking for with the chat window and connect them directly with your content.

Another amazing screen sharing feature helps your team to quickly solve some major issues. Which is something you can’t do with the phone and other support systems. Further which saves a huge amount of time for your business. 

Know Their Pain Points:- With the Internet revolution many new terms came into the digital world and Pain point is one of them. 

Customer Pain Points

Simple Definition of Pain Points is – The problem your customers have faced and not solved yet.

When we see other support platforms such as phone and email it is very difficult to know the pain points of your audience but live chat helps you to easily know about them.

The main reason is that when a customer tells about his problem it may not be seen or heard by all.

Whereas, With Live chat admins and supervisors can access the chat history and discover the pain points of their customers.

After knowing them, Management can take the necessary steps to resolve customer problems and fulfill their needs. Which is one of the greatest benefit of Live Chat support.

Relationship with your Visitors:- Imagine when you walk into a store to buy something, the shopkeeper has the chance to build a relationship with you to make you his regular customer and also he is available for your guidance. 

Build relation with your customers

Which is the biggest difference in online and offline purchases? In an online store, no one is available for your visitors and most of the time they exit your site without any action.

Here Live Chat comes and fills the gap between you and your visitors. With Live Chat, you can have a direct conversation with your website visitors and guide them to complete a task.

Humans need something to trust on and Live chat gives that something to your customers. It’s human nature that without trust no one wants to share his personal details with you and becomes a customer.

According to a study by ATG (now acquired by Oracle), 90% said that Chat Button gives them confidence because there is someone available for their help. 

More Sales:- It is proved by many studies that chat helps to increase sales. According to one study, Live chat increases 3x-5x more sales.

More Sales

The same report states that visitors who use live chat are more likely to make a purchase and sometimes become a regular customer.

It clears that Live Chat is very effective to increase sales and leads because your visitors have instant access to your agents and sales teams which provides your sales team more opportunities to help them and convert them to customers.

Expand your Reach:- There may be many more businesses like yours around you and your city or even in the street. So, maybe your business doesn’t receive the customers which can fly and come from long distances and make a purchase. 

Customers are more likely to do business and make a purchase from a company that they can easily access. 

The Internet makes it easy, It allows you to expand your business around the globe but if your website has a Live Chat agent on it which can answer their queries and guide them, they are more likely to do business with you even if they are far from your physical location. 

It includes international customers who couldn’t contact you on the phone because of the expensive international calling rates. 

Live Chat can help you to get customers even from the other side of the world and when they come on your site for the first time you can welcome and treat them the same way you would treat someone who comes to your physical location.

More Info about them:- Not everyone comes to your site and converts into customers. Some visit your site and leave it without any further action.

So, what do you think that in the future they will convert into customers? 

Of course, Not. So, what can you do? 

In this case, your agents should collect more information about your visitors. Even as much as they can. 

Because it helps you to recognize if they are your existing customers or they are a first time visitor. 

And if the chat user is not your customer you can ask for the information and ask them if they subscribe to your newsletter. 

Which gives you a chance to convince them in the future with your articles and emails.

Another benefit of live chat is that if you couldn’t collect the visitor information for the first time, you can communicate with them in the future because 63% of visitors are more likely to revisit a website that has live chat support.

Improve User experience:- What I have seen is that Live Chat is typically available on home pages, service pages or product pages. 

But there are other pages where they should be and they are 404 pages. 

Almost everyone familiar with the feeling when you see a 404 page and most of us leave the website. 

If you place live chat on error pages, you can stop them. Many advanced live chat systems have the feature that you can message to your visitors when they are stuck on error pages.

 So, you can inform them if the page is replaced or removed and teach them for further steps.

Know your Customer needs better:- The main part of any marketing campaign is to understand the needs of your customers and then try to fulfill them.

Here, Live chat works like a charm. It helps you to know your customer’s needs better and gives you access to their mindset. 

By collecting the data about their needs you can shape your product, make changes in your marketing campaign and make some plans for further growth of your business.

You and your marketing team can collect the data by reviewing chat history. Which gives you the questions your customers commonly ask, the phrases and words they use and which you can use in your articles and posts.

Competitive Advantage:- Live Chat gives you a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your competitor. 

Competitor Advantage

According to research by Telus International found that many businesses still not used Live chat support. 

Another study of 1000 websites found that only 9% of websites use live chat for providing real-time support.

So, It proves that there are still some businesses that are not using the Live Chat support system. So, when the next customer asks you a question, what makes you unique or how are you different from others?

You can answer them with Live Chat.

Data Availability:- Other platforms like email support and phone support can give a limited report about the performance of your support team. 

Live Chat provides more data

For a phone support system, you need to record almost all calls and then review your team by listening to them which is a time-consuming process. 

With advanced Live Chat systems, you can access the chat history of all of your agents and other custom reports. This type of report tells you how many visitors your website gets, how many requests of live chat are ignored or rejected, wait time and many more.

This further helps you to manage your support team and answer your queries like if you need more agents, if agents need any training and how well they perform.

Wrapping Up:-  Now, There is no second thought on how Live Chat can help you to grow your business.

So, let me know when you will move to Live Chat support? 

And also let me know If I miss any point on Advantages of Live Chat.

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