A guide to check the verification of GSC

Almost every SEO guy know the value of Google Search Console and creating an account for GSC is the basic step of every SEO campaign.

But when you work on your client’s website, you may not know that if website already has a Google Search Console account or not?

And sometimes you have a question that “how do I find Google Site Verification Code”?

In this post I am going to show that “how to Check if a client’s website already verified with Google Webmaster Tool”?

Verified with HTML file:- This is the first and recommended way for google site verification.

 In this method you have to download a HTML file and then upload into cPanel or whatever you used for web hosting.

To check the ownership with this method firstly you need the access of cPanel of your client’s website. If you have, then login into cPanel and go to file manager.

file manager in cPanel

 Then click on public html and find the domain. Click on your target domain and find the HTML file. If you see a HTML file like below.

html file in cPanel

It means ownership is verified with HTML file.

Verified with Meta Tag:- According to me this is the simplest way to verify your ownership in GSC.

html tag for verification of google search console

I often use this method to verify the ownership of any website. To check the ownership with “meta tag” you just have to open the home page of your client’s website.

Then press Ctrl + u and it will show you the source code of home page.

Then press Ctrl + F and type “google-site-verification”. If the website is verified by using this method then it shows a meta tag like this.

html tag in source code for verification of GSC

Verified with Google Analytics:- Next method is verify your ownership with Google Analytics. If you already added Google Analytics in your website then GSC account will be automatically verified.

This is obvious that if Your client’s website has Google Analytics then his website will also be verified for Google Search Console.

But if you still want to check. Go to homepage and press Ctrl + u for Source code.

Then Ctrl + f for search bar and search with “analytics”. If it shows Google Analytics code it means your client’s website has Google Analytics and may be also verified for GSC.

verify google web master tool with google analytics

Verified with Google Tag Manager:- This is as same as Google Analytics method.  For this again you have to open source code of homepage by pressing Ctrl + u and then find Google Tag manager container snippet. It should be right after the body tag started.

google tag manager script in source code

If you able to get Google Tag Manager in the Source code, It means the website is verified with Google Tag Manager and may be also verified the ownership of Google Search Console.

Verified with DNS Provider:- For this method user need to copy a code from Google Search Console and then add a TXT record in DNS Configuration.

verify with DNS provider

Firstly you need to sign in to your client’s website DNS provider and then click on “Zone Editor” from Domain Section. It opens a new window with all the domains.

 Then select the domain you want to add to GSC and click on Manage. Then in the next it shows the “Zone Editor” of your selected domain.

zone editor in DNS provider

For example, I show Zone Editor of “storemonkeywp.com”. Then from the records, find a TXT record.

Txt record in zone editor

If you get the TXT record like this then it means the ownership is verified with DNS provider method. In this method, I choose cPanel for checking.

If you use other DNS provider, Instead of cPanel and don’t know that how to check TXT record in your DNS provider you can click on this link https://support.google.com/a/topic/1409901?hl=en

This page has the list of almost 100 DNS provider and teach you how to verify GSC account with DNS provider method.

I hope it will help you to checking Google Search Console account of your client’s website. Now it’s your turn. If it’s helpful for you let me know in the comments below.

Source:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9oIMgFuGtU




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