I think every new blogger has this question in his mind that “how I effectively promote my blog and get some traffic as soon as possible”?

Today, I gonna show you some Advanced ways to promote your blog which are used by experts in 2019. These can do well for new bloggers.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Guest post incentives.
  2. Publish Data in your content
  3. Build a professional network on LinkedIn
  4. Email Marketing (If you have already some audience)
  5. Eye-Catching banners for social media
  6. Reply to every comment on your post(If possible)
  7. Choose a new topic for every post
  8. Comment on other blogs in your niche

Guest post incentives:- We already know that Guest posting is the best way to increase the audience on the blog.

But it does not work well, Right?

Average referral traffic from guest article

Image Source:-BloggerJet

Study proved that from average guest posting you can get only 50 visitors. So what to do?

Do guest posting in a modern way.

With a Guest post don’t just put a link. Offer some extra incentives to your website visitors, like give some extra tips to them who visit to your blog.

some tips for blog visitor

Publish Data in your content:- Blog post with data doing well these days, it’s an effective way to stand you out from the crowd.

According to Brian Dean, a blog post with data can get more social shares and backlinks than normal post.


For example one of his post about the search engine ranking factor did a great job and able to get more than 12k backlinks.

backlinks of backlinko's post

Image Source:- Backlinko Blog

But here is the main problem.

It’s very difficult to collect data and it takes lots of work. Sometimes, you have to collect the data by doing some manual experiments.

I know it looks really hard and of course, it is. But you will get a great prize for this hard work.

Build a professional network on Linkedin:- Do you know now Linkedin has 600+million users and most of them are professional.

Number of users on LinkedIn

So, what’s the point?

Firstly, create a good network on LinkedIn by interacting with peoples and be active on LinkedIn.

Finally, when you are connected with a large audience on LinkedIn, then publish your blog post on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

  1. It will increase your followers.
  2. You can repost your old content which did great.
  3. When you publish a post all of your followers get notified.
  4. It will Increase your search appearance in LinkedIn and Google as well.

All of these helps you with brand awareness.

Email Marketing (If you have already some audience):- I think this is the best way to boost your blog post right after publishing.

use email marketing for traffic

If you already have some audience send them an email about your new blog post.

And keep the email format and layout plain and unsophisticated because it’s tested by experts that super simple email did a great job.

Here is the example of a simple email outreach by Neil Patel.

example of email marketing by neil patel

Eye-Catching Banners for Social Media:- Create some eye-catching blog banners for social media and adjust them for different social platforms.

So do extra work on blog banners for social media, I know it takes some extra time and effort but believes me, it’s worthwhile.

different post sizes for social platforms

Image Source:2019 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet | Constant Contact

Blog posts with compelling images increase CTR on social shares. Try different images from your blog post for different social platforms.

different social platforms

Do some tests with different banners and after some experiments, you will become an expert and easily choose which image will work well for you.

Reply to every comment(If possible):-Try to reply every comment on your post, even with a simple “Thanks”. It’s a great way to build community.

Reply to every comment

It shows you are active on your website and also encourage them to comment in the future.

It’s also beneficial for internal linking because sometimes user ask a question and you have already answered that in your content then you can add the URL of that post in reply.

Blog comments are also used for content marketing. Blog comment section can give a idea for your next blog post.

Note the words they used in comments and then add same words in your content, it also help your content to rank higher.

Choose a new topic for every post:- According to Hostingtribunal there are 500+ million blogs on the Internet. Which proved that there is a huge competition in this field.

number of blogs are there in 2019

So, how to get attention?

Simple, try to cover new topics in your blog post which were not covering by your competitors.

For example, Skyscraper technique was founded by Brian Dean and no one knows about this technique before his blog post.

the skyscraper technique by brian dean

Image Source:Link Building Case Study

And, because of the new topic, it helps him to double his blog traffic.

Comment on other blogs in your niche:- Most of the people use this to build some relations and for traffic.

Of course this is a great way, but you should be careful while using this technique because sometimes it could hurt your current position.

Instead of unworthy comment like

“Nice Post”

“Great Share”

“Thanks for Info”

Post comments which are helpful for readers or make a sense. A great example of very helpful comment is below.

helpful comments

Image Source:7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%

This type of comments can help you to build some relationship and other bloggers in your niche.

Last Word:- These are some tips which are used by experts. Let me know which one is new and helpful for you.

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