Ransomware Protection

The task of tackling the ever-present threat of ransomware comprises three key factors; prevention, protection and removal.

Ransomware Prevention

Your systems are constantly checked, ensuring any issues are addressed immediately. Closing off attack vectors before they can be utilised.
Advanced email security technology is used to identify suspicious messages and remove them. Suspicious attachments are also removed and deleted before they reach you. A comprehensive backup is also provided. All your data is stored safely, offsite and in secure cloud servers.

No technology is ever as effective as proper vigilance. To this end we can also educate your end-users on the most commonly used methods of ransomware distribution such as phishing scams and other attempts to either steal their information or trick them into downloading malicious software.

Ransomware Protection

  • Second to prevention but equally important is protection. Should ransomware reach your organisation’s network, our solutions provide:

  • Real-time monitoring and threat detection.

  • Exploit blocking which will stop ransomware viruses from spreading.

  • Zero-day attack prevention using cutting-edge machine learning.

  • Indicators of Attack (IOA) discovery to identify suspicious activity stemming from yet unknown ransomware.

  • Real-time administrator alerts so you are notified or potential threats immediately. 

Ransomware Removal

In the event of a ransomware attack it is important to isolate and remove the ransomware expediently. The first step will be to isolate the threat, disconnecting any infected machines from the network.

The investigation will then begin, establishing both the scale and the kind of ransomware utilised in the attack. Once the method of attack has been determined through an investigation of your email servers and web usage we will work to prevent any of duplications whilst working to recover any locked data to ensure continuity of business.

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