How do I find the perfect keyword for my next blog post (Without Keyword Research Tool)?

The estimated total number of blogs on internet are 600+ million. So it’s possible that your blog can be lost in that number if you don’t use right keyword for your blog.

no. of blogs in the world

So here are some few tips you can use which helps you to choose right keyword for your blog:-

  1. Use Google Search Console as a Keyword Research Tool
  2. Choose Sub-niche
  3. Use Related Search in SERPs
  4. Headlines with Questions

Use Google Search Console as a Keyword Research Tool:– Take a look on your own Google Search Console. Go to performance then check queries and see for which keywords you get impressions but you don’t have a specific post for that keyword or on that topic.

Use Google Search Console as a Keyword Research Tool

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Then pick a keyword with highest impression rate and create some content around that keyword.

For example if you have a Travel blog and people are finding your blog with the keyword “cheap airline” but you don’t have any post for this keyword then, write one!

Choose Sub-niche:- If you are new on blogging and you don’t have enough audience you might not rank high for a competitive phrase. Then what to do?

It’s simple choose sub-niche of your topic. For example if you are going to write a post about “backpacking in California” you can choose “backpacking in California winter” or “backpacking in California with dogs” etc.

It will stand you out from the crowd. For more sub-niche Keyword ideas Visit Brainstorm Niche Ideas and just type your topic and it will show you some sub-niche ideas.

Use related searches in Google:- When you search for a keyword in Google it shows you some related searches in the bottom.

searches related to your target keyword

Take a idea from them because people actually looking results for that keyword. So it’s a win win tip.

Use Question in the Title:- Find question around your topic or question which are often ask by your target audience and try to answer those questions in your post.

use FAQs in your title

It will help you a lot because people like to know answer for their question and if you could their question they will definitely like your content and share it on the social media.

Another problem. How do I find those question?

Just go to free visual keyword research & content ideas tool and type your blog topic and click search, It will shows some common question ask around your topic.

Answer the public

That’s It. Hope these tips will help you to choose best keyword for your blog. If you like these tips, Let me know in the comment box.

And Best of luck for your blog post.

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